With extensive experience in the management and resolution of building and construction disputes, the BDTSA is fast becoming is fast becoming a recognised and respected entity.

The BDTSA provides nationwide services to the building and construction industry as well as members of the general public.
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The Building Disputes Tribunal SA offers a wide platform for those seeking a solution to their building disputes woes without the large price tag and emotional roller coaster.  We offer assistance to:

   Builders that have disputes with clients (such as non-payment and disputes with regards to quality of work, and


   Unhappy clients that wishes to declare and solve a dispute against their builder / contractor / architect and/or service provider.

           This could be for anything from poor workmanship, taking too long to finish the job or anything building related.

Being an independent registered legal entity with a specialised team specifically for building and mediation community is our silver-edged sword in any construction dispute. With the laws constantly in motion and a vast unknown understanding of the laws pertaining to the construction collective, we’ll offer all the guidance you need.


We’re well connected with a network of specialised personnel which guarantees top quality service and a sense of having the burden lifted from your shoulders.  Most of our personnel and mediators has experience in the construction industry.


Should a dispute arise at any stage (or even after) the the building or renovation process the BDTSA will endevour to find amicable solutions to resolve your dispute without depleting your bank balance. BDTSA commits to providing its members with the best services to ensure disputes are resolved expeditiously, cost effectively and in accordance with the rules and procedures. This process like other processes is confidential and private and it is also without prejudice. The recommendations will only be binding upon the parties if they so agree.

Open phase

• Receive dispute via web portal • Acknowledge receipt • Assign consultant

Evaluation phase

• Request further information if required • Advise complainant matter has merits • Request payment of nominal fee to attend to dispute

Initiation phase

• Draft matter to address dispute • Approach disputed party via letter, email or telephone • Draft resolution (if reached) • Close matter (if resolved)

Advance phase

• Address complainant if resolution not reached • Arrange meeting with both parties (round table discussion or via digital means) • Draft resolution (if reached) • Close matter (if resolved)

Mediation phase

• Resolution not reached - suggest mediation • Both parties agree to appoint mediator • Mediation as a form of dispute resolution • Parties attend mediation

Finalisation phase

• Non resolution after mediation - refer to legal (court and litigation) • Obtain mediators outcome report and resolution • Make resolution order of court (if requested) • Close matter